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Introducing Linzi Clark. Born in the historic textile town of Paisley, the singer-songwriter has been building her legacy from a young age, soaking up inspiration from the people and places around her and channelling her experiences into beautifully crafted songs that soar and yearn with love, warmth and curiosity.
Having already made an indelible impact on the Scottish music scene as one of half electro-pop duo DRIFT, the singer is ushering in an auspicious new chapter of her musical story with the announcement of new solo material. Bringing her own unique individual talents to the forefront once and for all, the new project presents her in an entirely different light – pairing her deep, soulful vocals with striking arrangements that balance the rich storytelling tradition of artists like Julia Jacklin, Regina Spektor and Kate Bush with modern Americana hues.
Never one to take herself too seriously, there’s a generosity to her songwriting; a gorgeous simplicity and inherent modesty that exudes a universal relatability.  They’re songs that aim straight for the heart and don’t miss. Having spent the last year holed away in her home studio, Linzi Clark is all set to emerge with her most personal project to date. That she has emerged from lockdown more creatively inspired than ever, is testament to her unwavering commitment and infectious imagination.  

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